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Peaceful Pathways

Introducing Peaceful Pathways, the name of our new Dementia Care Program at Olive Branch Estates! In the November newsletter I gave an overview of the preparations being made to define how Olive Branch provides dementia care. I am excited to announce we are ready to roll out our new program! The official kick off date for our new program is Monday April 1st, 2019. Our Peaceful Pathways program will include:

1. Bi-Monthly Family Meetings. The meetings will be a place for families to learn more about the dementia disease process, ask questions and give input to better improve our facility. The Director of Nursing will be present for all meetings. Outside health care professionals will be brought in from time to time for learning/educational opportunities.

2. New Activities Programming: New structure to the daily activities that will be tailored to the different levels of functioning of our residents. The new design will include more physical activity, daily music program, daily cognitive exercises and sensory stations between scheduled activities. More community outings and activities will be offered during the warm months. We will be offering more special events with family invitations.

The new activity design will create stimulation for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the residents every day. Each resident will have an activity page that lists the activities that are appropriate for their cognitive and functional level.

3. Individual Behavior Plans and Interventions: All residents will have an individualized plan to redirect anxiety, agitation, wandering or just create moments of joy. A form will be sent out this month to families to gather more detailed information about likes and dislikes, specific activities and music that is meaningful to each person. The staff will have direct access to this information to give them the tools for a successful re-direct when needed.

4. Minimal use of Psychotropic Medications: The individualized behavior plans will be used before any PRN (as needed) medications are used to control anxiety or behaviors. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the amount and frequency of psychotropic medications given. Right on the description of the medication it will list interventions specific to the individual that needs to be tried before giving the medication.

5. Program Training for Staff: All Staff will be trained on the Peaceful Pathways Program in March to ensure understanding of the program and continuity in approach.

am excited to bring our care to the next level. I welcome any comments or suggestions along the way!

Heidi Lohre RN


Everybody has a story
They are glad to tell you all
How they grow to great heights
And how they had a fall
It is just I am interested
I sit there to hear the tale
It may take hours
It never turns stale

R. Stahl

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